distributed architecture Municipal GeoPortal is a hosted or "cloud-based" information management solution from Infrastructure Ontario of the Ontario government with services provided by SKE Inc.

We leverage Google and other technologies to make it easy to find, use, integrate, and share key information.

The solution is:

  • Secure. The distributed architecture option (shown here) is one example of our focus on security. It enables your data to remain behind your firewall, yet still be integrated within the GeoPortal.
  • Flexible and scalable. Computing resources and services change as your needs change.
  • Content rich. GeoPortal has foundation data and core tools. No need to buy hardware, software or hire specialists to build and manage your systems.
  • Cost Effective. Because it's a service, any organization can access professional capabilities, computing, and information publishing at a price that is affordable and understandable.
  • Proven. The Ontario GeoPortal and its business applications have won over a dozen industry awards including a Transforming the Business of Government Award at GTEC; a "Best Public Sector GIS" Gold award at URISA-OC; a Showcase Ontario Gold Award; the Prix Excelsior Award for Innovation and about a dozen more.
  • Viable for you. Regardless of the size of your organization and your needs.

Common access tools: GeoViewer, DataViewer, DocumentViewer

Contact us for a demonstration in person or online.

Municipal GeoPortal is a service offered by Infrastructure Ontario and SKE Inc. footer