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Account Reset Service

Most users, when logging-in for the first time, are asked to set up three security questions and choose a new password. The Account Reset Service is available to users who have set up the security questions.

Reset Account Click to launch the Account Reset service.

How it works:

Provide your username and email and click OK. The system will prompt for an answer to one of your security questions.

You will get two emails, one with a temporary password. Use that password to login and you will then need to choose a new password.

Once you have changed your password, logon with the new password.

Rules for passwords:

  • passwords are case sensitive
  • must be at least eight characters in length,
  • must contain at least one upper case and one lower case letter,
  • must contain at least one number (0 – 9),
  • must not contain any part of your username. 
  • you cannot reuse a password.

NOTE: If you do not see the password change form, then your browser settings are wrong. In this case, please check that:

  1. You are using Internet Explorer v6 or better.
  2. Your pop-up blocker isn't blocking the site. To confirm, follow the directions below.

NOTE: After reseting the password, the logon form will remember the OLD temporary password. Remove it and enter your new password (the one you just created).

GP Account Reset

Account Reser 2

Account Reset 3


Automatically reset your account if you are having trouble accessing it.
Log On Process

Log On Process

video (see: Account Services video)

If you are having trouble logging in - for example if you mis-spell your password three (3) consecutive times and the system has locked you out, use the Account Reset Service function. Watch the Account Services video to see how this works.

Authorization Error when Logging On



If you get an authorization error, log in with "Use another account" and type your username and password.





In the Username (first) field, some government accounts may need to specify "WEB02\your_username" in the top field.

This error can happen because Windows will remember the last domain you logged on to, but it may not be the one that has access to the Internet and the GeoPortal applications.

Log on incorrect
correct log on

Information about the logging in process, and your username. (video included)
Computer Settings for IE and Windows

video(watch: Computer Settings Video)

All GeoPortal applications require Internet Explorer v8 and higher. If you are a new user or you changed computers or upgraded your browser, then IE's security settings may need to be changed...



a) Clearing Browser Cache

Before you try any of the following browser settings delete the browser cache to make sure nothing is stored in the local cache which could interfere with GeoPortal access.

Solution: Go to the browser Tools menu and select Internet options. On the General tab, middle of the form there is a Browsing history item. Click on the Delete button. This will bring up the Delete Browsing History form. Check on all items except the Preserve Favorite website data. Then click the Delete button at the bottom of the form.

Clearing Browser Cache

b) Pop-Up Blocking

Your browser's Pop-Up Blocker settings may prevent you from being able to change your temporary password on initial logon. As well, the GeoPortal applications may not launch.

Solution: In Internet Explorer, go to Tools: Pop-up Blocker: Pop-up Blocker Settings. (if you don't see the "Tools" menu, click the "Alt" key on your keyboard.)

In the form add the following sites.


Close down the form, refresh the page and try launching the applications.


c) Compatibility Mode Must be OFF

Check to ensure that Compatibility Mode is Off on your browser.

From the Tools menu (click the Alt key to see the menu) click Compatibility View settings.

Ensure that, and are not listed in the site listing for Compatibility View. Also ensure that Display all websites in Compatibility View and Display intranet sites in Compatibility View are not checked on.

If Compatibility View is On a small icon appears beside the Address Bar. You can turn off/on compatibility view by clicking on the icon.



d) Trusted Sites

Some incorrect IE security settings can cause GeoPortal applications to launch and then disappear after a couple of seconds. 

Solution:  In IE, go to Tools: Internet Options: Security tab. (If you don't see the "Tools" menu, click the "Alt" key on your keyboard.) In the Security form highlight the Trusted Sites, then click on the Sites button in the top right area.

In the Trusted sites form add the following sites. Then close down the form, refresh the page and try launching the applications. (Deselect the "Require server verification (https:)..." checkbox if it's selected when adding

trusted site
trusted sites

e) Trusted Sites – Security Settings

Sometimes your browser’s security settings can use your local domain account to try and login to GeoPortal. This will prevent you from being challenged with your GeoPortal account. In these cases your browser will display an error, usually: Internet Explorer cannot display this webpage, or Error Code 401.

Solution: In the Internet Options form, Security tab for Trusted Sites click on the Custom level button and scroll to bottom of form to the User Authentication. Make sure that Anonymous logon or Automatic logon with current user name and password are NOT selected. Any other option is acceptable.

f) Browser Zoom Factor

If your browser Zoom factor is greater than 100% this can prevent application forms from launching properly.

Solution: In the browser's View menu, select Zoom, and click on 100%. (If you don't see the "View" menu, click the "Alt" key on your keyboard.) Then launch the application. See the item above as well.

Note: connecting to a device like a projector may CHANGE the zoom factor settings and therefore cause forms appear cut off.

g) Windows 7 Display Settings

Some Windows 7 display settings can prevent application forms from launching properly.

Solution: In Control Panel; select Appearance and Personalization; then select the Display. On the Display form make sure that the "Smaller – 100%" item is checked on.  Note, this setting also affects your browser's default Zoom factor – see item c) above.

Windows 7

h) Not Getting Support Emails

If you expect to receive a support email and it didn't arrive, please check your "Junk" email folder.  Sometimes emails from us (email_address @ are going to the Junk Email folder. If that happens, change your Outlook settings (in the Action menu for Junk Email) to "Add Sender's Domain to Safe Senders List".  The domain, in this case, is ""

The required Windows and Internet Explorer browser settings. (video included)
Submit a service request to your GeoPortal administrator.